Trades at Calcutta Yellow Pages

Dairy and Brewery Equipment : Farms and Farm Products

De Mineralised Water

Decorators : Display Designers , Interior Decorators and Designers

Deep Freezers : Cold Storages , Refrigeration Equipment Commercial and Industrial

Dehumidifying Equipment and Systems : Airconditioners , Airconditioning Systems Central Plants

Descaling Compounds and Chemicals : Boiler Compounds , Chemicals

Desk Top Publishing : Graphic Designers , Printers , Publishers

Detectives and Investigators : Security Consultants Protective , Security Services

Diaries : Advertising Gift Articles , Gift Articles and Novelties , Office Stationery , Stationery

Die Castings : Castings , Castings Ferrous , Castings Non Ferrous , Foundries

Dies and Die Casting Machinery

Disinfectants and Germicides

Display Designers : Advertising Agencies , Advertising Outdoor , Artists Commercial

Doctors Accupuncture Accupressure and Magnetotherapy : Doctors General Physicians

Doctors Eye

Doctors Physiotherapists

Doctors Sexologists/Venerologist

Door Gates Automatic

Doors and Window Fittings : Aluminium and Aluminium Products , Windows Metal

Doors and Windows : Doors , Doors and Windows Plastic

Doors and Windows Aluminium

Doors and Windows Plastic : Doors

Doors Automatic and Insulated

Drapery Rods and Curtains

Drawing Materials and Equipment : Artists Material

Driers Industrial : Blowers and Blower Systems , Fans Industrial

Drilling and Boring Equipment : Tubewell Accessories

Drums and Barrels

Dry Cleaners and Dyers

Dry Ice

Duplicators and Cyclostyling Machines : Copying Machines , Office Furniture Equipment and Systems

Dyes and Dyestuff : Chemicals