Trades at Calcutta Yellow Pages

Cable Accessories : Cable Glands , Cable Jointing Equipment and Accessories , Cable Trays , Cables

Cable Crimping Tools

Cable Glands

Cable Jointing Equipment and Accessories : Cable Accessories , Cable Glands , Cables , Wires and Cables

Cable Sockets : Cable Jointing Equipment and Accessories

Cable Ties and Markers : Cable Crimping Tools , Cables

Cable Trays and Accessories : Cable Accessories , Cables

Cable Tv Operators

Cables : Wires and Cables , Wires and Wire Products

Calculators Electronic : Gift Articles and Novelties , Office Furniture Equipment and Systems

Calendars : Advertising Gift Articles , Gift Articles and Novelties

Calibrators : Measuring Instruments , Measuring Instruments Precision , Precision Tools

Cameras Sales and Services : Artists Commercial , Photographers Commercial , Photographic Equipment

Candles : Candles Dice , Wax

Canopies and Awnings : Tarpaulin and Tents

Canteen Equipment : Bakery and Biscuit Equipment , Food Processing Equipment

Canvas : Canopies and Awnings , Cloth Manufacturing , Tarpaulin and Tents

Capacitors : Electrical Components , Electronic Components

Car Accessories

Carbon Brushes : Alternators , Brushes , Generators and Generator Parts

Carbon Products : Coal , Graphite and Graphite Products

Carpet Cleaners : Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and Rugs : Flooring , Furnishing and Furnishing Fabrics

Carpets Flooring and Cleaning

Cars Hire and Rental : Tourism and Tour Operators , Transport Agents and Companies , Travel Agencies

Cast Iron

Cast Iron Products : Foundries , Iron and Steel

Casting Manufacturers

Castings Ferrous and Non Ferrous : Castings , Castings Steel

Castings Steel : Castings , Castings Ferrous

Caterers : Confectioners , Restaurants , Snack Bars

Cellular Phones Sales and Services : Business and Communication Services , Business Executive Centres , Telecommunication Equipment and Parts , Telephones and Accessories

Cement Manufacturers and Dealers

Cement Products : Asbestos and Asbestos Products , Building Materials , Cement , Cement Dealer , Pipes and Pipe Fittings , Pipes Rcc/Spun , Tiles

Ceramic Machinery

Ceramic Raw Materials

Ceramics and Ceramic Products : Bathroom Fittings , Ceramic Machinery , Ceramic Tiles , Insulation Materials , Plaster Of Paris , Tiles

Certified Reference Materials

Chain Pulley Blocks : Lifting Equipment and Accessories , Material Handling Equipment and Devices , Pulleys

Chains and Sprockets : Automobile Parts , Bicycles and Parts , Conveyors

Chartered Accountants : Financial Consultants

Chartered Engineers : Engineers Consulting

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Manufacturers and Dealers

Chemical Plant Equipment : Boilers and Boiler Parts , Machinery New , Refrigeration Equipment Commercial and Industrial

Chemicals : Colour Film Processing Labs , Construction Chemicals , Pharmaceutical Raw Materials , Rubber Chemicals

Chemicals and Adhesives

Chemicals Dyes and Acids

Chemicals Pesticides

Chemists and Druggists

Children Park Items

Chilling Plant

Claims Consultants : Insurance and Mutual Funds Advisor

Clay and Allied Products

Clay Products Decorative

Clean Rooms

Clearing and Forwarding Agents : Air Cargo Agents , Cargo Agents , Customs House Agents

Closed Circuit Tv : Electronic Ent Equipment , Electronic Equipment and Supplies , Electronic Goods , Security Control Equipment

Cloth Merchants

Cloths Industrial : Filters , Filters Cloth , Filters Industrial , Textiles

Cnc Machined Components

Coal and Coke Products : Carbon Products , Coke

Coal Tar/Bitumen and Tar Felt Plant

Coir and Coir Products : Carpets and Rugs , Flooring , Handicrafts

Cold Storage and Equipment

Collapsible Gates : Builders Hardware , Doors , Fabrication and Machined Components

Colour Coated Sheets

Colour Page


Compressors Air and Gas : Airconditioners Maintenance Parts Repairing and Service , Refrigeration Equipment Commercial and Industrial , Refrigerators

Compressors On Hire : Compressors Air and Gas

Computer Dealers and Distributors

Computer Furniture : Furniture , Furniture Lifestyle , Office Furniture Equipment and Systems

Computer Hardware

Computer Horoscope : Computer Software

Computer Networking : Computer Hardware , Computers

Computer Peripherals : Computer Accessories , Computer Cd Rom , Computer Hardware , Computers

Computer Printer Repairing and Maintenance

Computer Repairing and Maintenance

Computer Software : Computer Media , Computer Multimedia , Computer Vaccines , Computers

Computer Software Development

Computer Stationery : Computer Cd Rom , Computer Consumables , Office Stationery , Stationery

Computer Web Development

Computers : Computer Cd Rom , Computer Hardware , Computer Manufacturers , Computers On Hire

Computers On Hire : Computer Hardware , Computers

Concrete Machinery : Construction Machinery , Machinery New

Concrete Pavement and Hollow Blocks

Concrete Pavement Blocks

Confectioners : Biscuit Manufacturers

Construction Chemicals : Chemicals , Corrosion Control

Construction Civil

Construction Companies : Architects , Builders Promoters and Building Contractors , Construction Consultants , Engineers Construction , Engineers Structural and Fabrication , Interior Decorators and Designers

Construction Consultants and Planner

Construction Developers

Construction Equipment

Construction Machinery

Construction Materials : Builders Hardware , Construction Chemicals , Fasteners Industrial and Construction

Consultancy : Consultants Industrial

Consultants Civil

Consultants Electrical

Consultants Engineering : Engineering Services

Consultants Finance and Investment : Banks , Chartered Accountants , Financiers and Investors , Investment Companies and Consultants , Tax Consultants

Consultants Hospital Projects

Consultants Income Tax and Sales Tax

Consultants Legal Tax : Consultants Taxation

Consultants Management

Consultants Manpower : Placement Services

Consultants Technical Services : Testing Services

Consultants Vaastu and Numerology

Consultants Wood and Paint Technology : Paints

Containers Industrial

Containers Plastic : Bottles , Polyurethane Products

Contractors Civil

Contractors Electrical

Contractors Engineering and General

Contractors Mechanical and Mining Operation : Piling Contractors , Tubewell Drillers and Contractors

Control Panels and Accessories : Controls and Control Systems , Electrical Equipment , Process Control Equipment , Switchboards and Panels , Transformers and Parts

Controls and Control Systems : Control Panels and Accessories , Electrical Equipment , Electronic Control Equipment , Panel Boards and Accessories

Conveyor Belts : Belts Industrial , Conveyors , Material Handling Equipment and Devices , Rubber and Rubber Products

Conveyor Equipment : Conveyors

Conveyor Pulleys and Accessories : Conveyors

Conveyor Rollers

Conveyors : Coal Handling , Coal Washeries , Conveyor Belts , Material Handling Equipment and Devices , Power Plant Equipment , Tea Processing Machinery and Spares

Cooling Towers : Heat Exchangers , Power Plant Equipment


Copper and Copper Products : Electrical Fittings and Accessories , Metals , Metals Non Ferrous , Wire Nettings , Wires and Wire Products

Cork and Cork Products : Bottle Caps and Seals , Cork Sheets , Insulation Materials , Packaging Materials , Packing Materials

Corporate Gifts : Calendars , Gift Articles and Novelties

Corrosion Control : Anti Corrosion Material , Electroplaters , Galvanizing , Metal Finishing , Painting Speciality Coating

Corrugated Sheets and Products : Asbestos and Asbestos Products , Construction Materials , Packing Materials

Cosmetics Ayurvedic and Herbal : Cosmetics

Cosmetics Perfumes and Toiletries : Consumer Products , Cosmetics Ayurvedic and Herbal , Perfumes , Soaps and Detergents

Cotton Textiles

Cotton Waste

Couplings : Couplings Flexible , Hose Couplings and Fittings

Courier and Cargo Services

Crane Testing Equipment

Cranes and Winches : Earthmoving Machinery and Parts , Hoists , Lifting Equipment and Accessories , Material Handling Equipment and Devices , Pulleys

Cranes On Hire : Cranes and Winches , Hoists , Pulleys

Crucibles : Glassware , Scientific Apparatus and Instruments

Crushing and Pulverising Equipment : Abrasives , Grinding , Grinding Wheels , Stone Crushers

Custom House Agent : Clearing and Forwarding Agents

Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents